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e-Ballroom Dance Studio Management

e-Ballroom.com is brought to you by Studioware LLC. First available in 2013, e-Ballroom Dance Studio Management was designed by technology professionals that happened to do ballroom dancing. Our founders dance studio was keeping the books old school- a paper calendar and a generic back-office accounting software. We worked with the studio owner and staff to build e-Ballroom for ballroom dance studios. We focused on saving the studio time booking and managing clients and accounting for finances in an easy to use, tailor-made solution at an affordable price point.

The objections to other solutions on the market at the time remain true today, a decade later. Other solutions were designed for different industries and had a different coat of paint on the same solution. They were hard to use, incongruent with the ballroom dance industry sales model, and often expensive as the studio expanded in clients, staff, or both.

e-Ballroom knows the ballroom industry. If your studio uses a pay-as-you-go billing, leverages memberships, or primarily runs on contracts or packages, we support all of these billing models equally. From scheduling and annotating private lessons by type and tier, to reports used to analyze sales and instructor activity, and client outreach and reminders, e-Ballroom has you covered with an easy-to-use interface.

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